Pheasant Game 18” 5mm – Dark Olive

Pheasant Game 18” 5mm – Dark Olive

Style #100101011


  • Extra reinforced foot by Japan-rubber™.
  • Lynx ICE-GRIP+™ secures optimal grip in min. – 45C / + 30C.
  • Adjustable gusset for all calf sizes.
  • Classic look combined with high technology.

Comfort rating: -10C

Sizes: 7-15 (size chart)
Price: Kr. 1,399.00

High Quality Materials


Outsole System

Hunt in demanding terrain with Lynx ICE-GRIP+™


G1®-stage3™ footbed


High shock absorption PU in a deep and supportive design.

G1® 75 vulcanized natural rubber™


The best rubber compound with optimal flexibility.
By adding lamination of different rubber layers you obtain the strongest rubber called Japan-rubber™ technology.

G1® 75 vulcanized natural rubber™

Rubber Conditioner

Remember to care your footwear to obtain function and extend durability. Rubber Conditioner care naturel rubber and extends lifespan.

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